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John McAfee was born on September 18, 1945, in England and grew up in Salem, part of Virginia. He is the creator and founder of the Anti Computer Virus company McAfee, a 68-year-old British-born man, indeed an eccentric figure whose life journey is full of controversy. His life is like a Rockstar, eliminating the notion of some people that a computer maniac like him is a boring nerdy.

Not many billionaires have behavior like him, from being chased by police, involved in narcotics cases, to being caught in murder cases. John McAfee completed his undergraduate education majoring in Mathematics at Roanoke College in 1967 and in 2008 he earned his Doctorate degree at the same University. Between 1968-1970 John McAfee worked as a programmer at the NASA Institute for Space Studies in New York City.

From NASA, Joh McAfee then joined Univac and worked as a software designer and then after that, he worked at Xerox as an operating system architect. In 1978 Jon McAfee joined Computer Sciences Corporation as a software consultant. His fate then continued to improve by working at a US aerospace company, named Lockheed as a software designer. When working as an employee at Lockheed, John McAfee then received a copy of a computer virus named Pakistani Brain. Pakistani Brain or (c) Brain is a computer virus that appeared in 1986 and attacked the DOS File Allocation Table system, also known as a virus boot.

This virus is also known as Lahore, Pakistani, Pakistani Brain, and UIUC. Businessweek magazine dubbed this virus of Pakistani flu. This virus was made by Basit and Amjad Farooq Alvi. Psychiatric Brain is one of the dangerous viruses at that time. From that, then John McAfee was compelled to make software or software that could detect and remove viruses automatically. And since then this American man has been listed as one of the successful creators of computer anti-virus software.

John McAfee’s Biography, McAfee Anti Virus Computer
Then in 1987 McAfee founded a company called McAfee Associates. McAfee company is a company that pioneered the distribution of software like an anti-virus using the shareware business model. In 1989 John McAfee left the company that raised his name, Lockheed to concentrate on his company that was run at his home in Santa Clara, California.

In the decade of the ’90s, the company succeeded in becoming a billion-dollar antivirus industry per year. McAfee company experienced glory in 1992 and two years later precisely in 1994, McAfee resigned from the company he started. McAfee sold all of its shares, and finally, the company was merged with the Network General company as its new owner.

John McAfee is very interested in yoga. John McAfee was an instructor and wrote several books on yoga. His love for yoga is proven by buying 400 hectares of land in the Colorado area to build property as well as his yoga retreat. In 2009 McAfee moved to Belize, a small country on the Middle East coast.

In the same year, the billionaire’s wealth dropped dramatically to 4 million dollars. Although his figure was recorded in the biography of world figures, McAfee had completely abandoned the technology industry which had raised his name and noted as a successful figure with his eccentric life behavior.

How not to be quirky, if the other billionaires might enjoy a luxurious life in the middle of the city and collect various luxury items as a symbol of their high class, but different from what John McAfee lived. McAfee prefers to live in an interior of Belize, a country in the Caribbean Islands.

His life is lived like he is a Rambo. McAfee has a hobby in going out into the forest with weapons. His home in Belize was raided by police on charges of making drugs. John McAfee is also known to be trying to purify “super perv powder” or a powerful drug called MPDV, even testing it on yourself.

This antivirus inventor is known to practice “pagan worship” or worship idols in his property and exile company built in Belize. He also maintains a sex culture in his company and allows employees to have sex with each other in the office. Besides sex, McAfee’s life is also full of narcotics cases. In November 2012, Afee became a police fugitive on charges of murder that killed US expatriates named Gregory Faull who was his own neighbor. The billionaire became a fugitive after being linked to the Faull murder case.

Although in several interviews with mass media, McAfee rejected the allegations. During an interview with telephone media, McAfee denied killing Faull and had no intention of seeking protection at the US Embassy. McAfee’s existence was revealed through his Android smartphone detected by the Guatemalan police. Until then the Guatemalan police arrested McAfee on charges of illegally entering Guatemala.

John McAfee’s Biography, McAfee Anti Virus Computer
From the life of John McAfee, this then attracted the interest of the film company Warner Bros. to work on the film about John McAfee which is indeed a controversial figure. According to Warner Bros., founder of antivirus company McAfee who is also an antivirus software professor, John McAfee, is considered an attractive figure to be presented to the big screen. Therefore two authors were approached, namely Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski. The story of John McAfee’s film will be taken from the Wired magazine article entitled “John McAfee’s Last Stand”.

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