Biography of Hans Wilsdorf – Rolex Watchmaker

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For lovers of luxury goods or for millionaires, they must be familiar with luxury watches with the Rolex brand. Rolex watches become a symbol of luxury and become a status symbol for the wearer because of their quality and luxury. The name of the most famous Rolex watches in the whole world. Rolex watches are manufactured by the Rolex Company where the company was originally founded by two people namely Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis in the United Kingdom.

However, in this article that will be discussed is the biography of one of the Rolex watchmakers, namely the Biography of Hans Wilsdorf. Hans Wilsdorf was Born on March 22, 1881, in Kulmbach, Bavaria, Germany. Hans Wilsdorf has been an orphan since childhood, Wilsdorf works for the Swiss watch manufacturer at La Chaux de Fonds. In 1905, he moved to London and founded his own business, he wanted to make quality watches at affordable prices.

With the help of Alfred Davis, the Hans Wilsdorf founded an import watch company which was later called Wilsdorf and Davis, and then he partnered with Hermann Aegler, a watch manufacturer in Bienne to import watches. In 1908, Hans Wilsdorf later created the Rolex trademark to sell his watch during World War I, the name Rolex which stands for “Horlogerie Exquise” from Spanish and in 1910 received an official statement from the “Officiel Bureau” in Bienne.

The name “Rolex” is given because it is easily pronounced in many languages ​​and because it also feels a name that sounds like the sound of a watch being made.
In 1925 Hans then used 100,000 franc funds to advertise in the British news magazine and heralded the quality of his watch. he left England for Switzerland because of the tax increase during the war imposed on luxury imported goods. In 1920, he founded a company called Montres Rolex SA in Bienne. Wilsdorf finally moved his company to Geneva, Switzerland in 1919. He then also made high-quality watches and lowered the price of his watch brand so that many consumers glanced at it.

In 1926, Rolex worked on its first watch which was waterproof and dustproof. The name of this watch is Oyster which is equipped with full movement protection when the wearer is actively moving. This watch then sells well and is widely used by consumers.

But after the death of his wife in 1944, Hans Wilsdorf then decided to establish a Hans Wilsdorf Foundation where he left all of his shares in Rolex and ensured that the amount of income from his shares in the company was used for charity. Hans Wilsdorf died on July 6, 1960. The development of the Rolex company after Hans’s departure grew.

Then the Rolex Caliber Chronograph 4310 hours was conceived and assembled exclusively by the Rolex company in 2000 to the Daytona Cosmograph and combined it with 290 components that made it truly charming and simple. At present, Rolex watches are very popular as a symbol of user status. Rolex was given the 71st ranking by Bloomberg Businessweek magazine of the 100 most valuable brands globally. This brand is the largest and most famous brand that can produce 2,000 hours in one day with an estimated revenue of US $ 3 billion in 2003.

Biography of Hans Wilsdorf, Rolex Watchmaker
Until now, the Rolex company continues to produce its watches. This luxury watch is now a status symbol for its users. The average Rolex watch user comes from the Jetset or millionaire because as is known the price of this watch is very expensive. That was also the biography of Hans Wilsdorf, who later became known as the Rolex pliers with Alfred Davis. Hopefully, it will be interesting information for all readers.

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