Biography of James Naismith – Inventor of Basketball

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Basketball, is one of the most popular sports on the face of the world and the most contested in the world, the inventor of Basketball Games or Sports is James A. Naismith who was born on November 6, 1861, in Almonte, Canada. Before moving to the United States Naismith studied physical education in Montreal, where Naismith developed basketball at the end of 1891 while enrolled at YMCA International Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts.

While working as a teacher of Physical Education at YMCA International Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1891, he was invited to look for ways to eliminate the boredom experienced by his students in winter sports. The idea that encouraged the creation of the new game was due to the fact at that time that members and visitors to sporting activities at the YMCA association (Young Men ‘s Christian Associaton) were getting worse every day.

This is because the members become somewhat bored with rigid gymnastic exercises. Also the need that is felt in the winter to keep doing interesting sports activities, is a push that is increasingly felt by Dr. Luther Gulick, superintendent of sports division at the YMCA Sports Teacher School from Springfield. Massachusetts was aware of the symptoms of this unfavorable sporting activity, and immediately contacted Dr. James A Naismith, one of the Teachers’ colleagues at Springfield and gave him the assignment to compile a new game of sports, which can be played in a closed room in the afternoon. Dr. James A. Naismith welcomed the task there, by starting to compile a new game idea whose form would be able to fulfill the requirements he requested.

In following his imaginary mind to create a suitable game, with the conditions given, the game that is suitable to be played in a closed space in the afternoon has limited his mind to things that are not imaginary, but stepped on a concrete concentration of thought with no elements kick and tackle, interesting, and again not so hard to learn.
Biography of James Naismith – Inventor of Basketball
Then Dr. James A. Naismith tried and tested compositions from softball, baseball, lacrosse, and football games but none of them matched the terms and demands, because besides being difficult to learn, it was still too Kassar for a game in a closed room with lights. From the depth of the experiments carried out, there arose inspiration about the desired shape and style of play.

That the game is clearly to be played with a spherical ball, with no element of kicking, no element of carrying a run with the ball, without the element of tackling and having to remove the goal as an additional target, because this latter thing will stimulate the elements of using force.

To tame ball movements, as a substitute for running with the ball as seen in soccer, the movement of the ball is only done by passing or dribbling. To tame a shot towards the target as the peak of excitement, then the goal is blocked with a narrow target that lies above the players. So that with the form of such a target object the prioritization of shot is not by force, but precisely by its accuracy. And because the goal/goal is located above, then the ball must take a parabolic or ballistic bow.

Next Dr. James A. Naismith explained his ideas in the form of a game that included 13 articles. Of the 13 articles, 12 of them have become the core of modern basketball regulations to date. One day Dr. James A. Naismith holding a soccer ball brought a player into a gym with the intention of trying out the game he had thought about. After in the sports room, he thought that what was appropriate for the goal was a wooden crate.

And he asked for help from the head of the school’s household. Stebbins name, if it provides for those needs. But Stebbins does not have a wooden box and instead is offered a “Basket” (Basket) empty peach at Naismith. It was agreed by Naismith and the basketball which Stebbins hung on both sides of his room on the balcony. Naismith explained the rules, and the students tried and followed them.

From the origin of the “peach basket” fruit basket, originating from the name Basketball, which is now famous throughout the world. At first, each ball goes into the basket, Stebbins has to go to the balcony to get the ball out, because the bottom of the basket is closed. Finally, it was thought to make a hole in the base of the basket. So few original stories can be quoted from Harold Keith, “Sport and Games”.

Biography of James Naismith – Inventor of Basketball
Because Dr. James A. Naismith cared for 18 students in his class, so basketball was first played by 9 people each team, with 3 front players, 3 midfielders and 3 defenders. In 1892 basketball was played by 7 people each team, and then after experiencing changes in numbers, finally found an amount that until now is valid is 5 people for each team.
Naismith’s contribution to basketball, she has received several posthumous honors, such as the Canadian Basketball Hall of Fame, the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame, the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame, the Ontario Sports Legends Hall of Fame, the Ottawa Sports Hall of Fame, the McGill University Sports Hall of Fame, the Kansas State Sports Hall of Fame and the FIBA Hall of Fame. The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts, is so named in honor of Naismith.

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