What Pandora attracts us most

If you are interested in finding beautiful quality jewelry for yourself or for someone you love, look no further than the beautiful offerings available from Pandora and their jewelry charms. To help get you acquainted with Pandora jewelry charms there is some background information that can be shared.

Pandora is an European (Danish) company founded in 1982. They’ve became publicly acclaimed to the degree that they became the world’s third-largest jewelry company in terms of sales, after Cartier and Tiffany & Co. In contrast, Soufeel is founded in 2011 in Hong Kong, China. I’d say they copied the idea from Pandora, but hey, many companies now offer the same package (even Fossil and Esprit). The main difference between the two seems to be the price! In truth, I have not noticed any difference so far between the two – no chipping, no fading, nothing. Everything is perfect!

The choice of a Cheap Pandora charms for a wife or girlfriend is a personal one. In many cases, the giver should already know the tastes and preferences of the person, but there are a few charms that are sure to knock her socks off. For those who want to splurge, the Vintage Heart charm is the ultimate gift. It features a 14ct gold Pandora heart charm with a cultured pearl right in the middle. Of course, the classic Language of Love charm, is always popular and expresses your deepest affection in several languages.

Retailers loved them as they brought much needed business to their stores during the economic downturn and when the company chose to go public, investors swooned, creating one of the largest IPOs in 2010. A month later, the company said third quarter sales doubled and profits tripled. However, on Tuesday, Pandora changed its 2011 outlook from expecting a revenue growth of no less than 30 percent to 0. It also noted that revenues fell 30 percent in July.

(If you aren’t sure which stones you should pick, Pandora has a handy quiz to help you! Pandora suggested the creativity, dedication and passion stones as my personal “essence story” – for a total of $275, which doesn’t include the bracelet.) Pandora documents every second of your life, including major milestones (a mini bride and groom), travel destinations (a cruise ship) and spiritual proclivities (a Buddha, a peace sign).

Why has Pandora bracelets become so popular? Pandora beads provide a lot of flexibility and control to the shopper to customize Pandora jewelry. These beads can be arranged in any manner to provide an exclusive look to the jewelry. One tends to get surprised by the designs in which these beads are available. Some of the popular designs include those based on food items like fruits, birthday cakes and drinks. Beads in the form of elegantly designed alphabets have too become popular in the recent times. These can be used to create words such as names and initials and worn in the form of bracelets.

Pandora bracelets are wonderful, personalized bracelets that you can put your own stamp on. They are a great way to express your individual style and personality. Pandora bracelets also make fantastic gifts for the special woman in your life, whether she is your wife, mother, sister, or best friend.